Water Coil Air Curtain Teklif Talebi

Air Curtain What is it?

Air curtains, air control of the air vent in the closed environment with the aim of preserving your comfort area, warms your air, dust particles, polluted air and away from you unwanted factors such as flies, which prevents heated or cooled air you should come out the door you Although always on you invisible door are services that device.

Water Coil Air Curtain What is it?

Water coil air curtains, medium capable of heating or cooling through the water circulates in the air are able to work as air curtains.

Water coil air curtains can be connected to the boiler or chiller system. Thus, in heating or cooling can, depending on the temperature of the circulating water.

They are more economical than other models because they make the water coil air curtains conditioned heating and cooling of water.