Saloon Type Split Teklif Talebi

Vertical feet and looking like the living room-type air conditioning refrigerator, especially the shops and is ideal for large areas of the human circulation is more like a meeting room.

Hall split type air conditioners, they provide uniform air distribution systems with high-speed and powerful fan. They are reinforced with an additional heater as standard. In this way they operate smoothly at low outdoor temperatures by supporting the heat pump heating system. Hall-type split air conditioner indoor units
Where to Use?
    * Residences,
    * In the workplace,
    * In the meeting rooms,
    * Data processing rooms,
    * Available in store
    * Shopping centers,
    * Heated and cooled to the desired safe to use in all locations.

How Mounted? Hall split type air conditioner outdoor unit
Hall split type indoor unit of your air conditioner, air conditioner will use the space, the external unit is mounted on the outside of a space that is open to the rest of the space and atmosphere. Terrace, balcony or window open bottom areas are suitable for outdoor unit installation.

Indoor and outdoor units; copper pipes, electric cables, drainage hose is connected by intermediate insulation and decorative plants consisting of bandages. This connection is completely covered with insulation during installation slot in the intermediate circular 10 cm diameter opening in the end of your wall mount to remain under your air conditioner.

Requiring a high level of technical knowledge and experience of your hall-type split air conditioning installation, air conditioning maintenance must be performed by you.