Location Ceiling Split Teklif Talebi

Work places,
Data processing rooms,
In the meeting room,
In stores,
Shopping malls,
You can safely use the heated and cooling required in all areas.
How Mounted?

Location ceiling split air conditioner's indoor unit will use the space, the outdoor unit is installed in a space that is open to the rest of the space and the atmosphere outside. Terrace, balcony or window open bottom areas are suitable for outdoor unit installation.

Indoor and outdoor units; copper pipes, electric cables, drainage hose is connected by intermediate insulation and decorative plants consisting of bandages. This connection is completely covered with insulation during installation in intermediate circular slot 8 cm diameter opening in the end of your wall mount to remain under your air conditioner.

Reasons for Choosing a place Ceiling Air Conditioners

Powerful mode setting for the sudden and rapid cooling or heating
Ceiling and wall-mounting possibilities
Washable front panel
The ability to more quickly reach the set temperature
Ability to save energy when you home with home leave operation
Indoor / outdoor unit silent operation
Photocatalytic air cleaning and deodorizing filter
You can save energy at home when the automatic release function
Floor / Ceiling Type Air Conditioner Prices

Floor / Ceiling air conditioning prices, brands, and varies according to the intended use of the product's properties. These differences in product quality is determined by the strength and type.

Today, General, Sigma, Sharp places / ceiling air conditioner prices are down to a minimum.

General location / ceiling air conditioner 3500 and 5000 TL, 6000 TL Sharpe 4000, 3800 and 4500 vary between £ Sigma.