Ducted Split type Teklif Talebi

Channel type split air conditioners, central system category, they provide air distribution through channels and culverts. Ducted Split type of air conditioner indoor units hiding in the attic space can be mounted.

It is the requirement of providing high comfort fresh air intake characteristics are preferable in the desired locations. A channel type your location correctly projected as a result of the air supply and return air grilles are visible purely decorative applications.

Ducted Type Air Conditioner good for?

Kanallı tip split klima ic unitesi

Work places, Channel-type air conditioning unit on
Data processing rooms,
In stores,
Manufacturing in,
Shopping malls,
Heating and cooling large spaces can be used with confidence in the desired

Ducted Type Air Conditioner How to Install?

Ducted Split type air conditioner indoor unit of your air conditioner will use the ceiling space, vDisk unit is mounted in an area that is open to the rest of the space and the atmosphere outside. Terrace, balcony or window open bottom areas are suitable for outdoor unit installation.

Indoor and outdoor units; copper pipes, electric cables, drainage hose is connected by intermediate insulation and decorative plants consisting of bandages. Completely covered with insulation materials in intermediate circular slot assembly plants in 10 cm drop on your wall during the end of this link.

The channel requires a high level of technical knowledge and experience in your type of split air conditioning installation, air conditioning maintenance must be done by you.

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